Mini exhibitions delivered to your doorstep.

Since the corona pandemic 2020 many art galleries have had to close and most events have been cancelled. The cultural scene suffered. Now in autumn 2021 the crisis is still not over and the fourth wave of the pandemic is just around the corner. I thought about how far I can help to improve the situation and came up with the idea for the MUSEUM EXPRESS. I have developed a mini exhibition space in a transport backpack (with LED light system) where friends and colleagues can exhibit. A single canvas, a print or a sculpture can be shown there on an area of 36 cm x 37 cm x 42 cm. Now the exhibition can be delivered directly to your door. Also there will be small exhibitions with the MUSEUM EXPRESS in different locations around my hometown Duesseldorf.

Stay updated for the gallery plan and vernissages on Instagram: @museum_express 

Season 1 

Some impressions from the first season (Sep/Nov 2021) of the MUSEUM EXPRESS in Düsseldorf.


Toni Spyra – LOVE APPLES


Maartje & Merel – CAMERA EATS LATER




The easiest way to show your work in the MUSEUM EXPRESS is to send me an image (+ description) of your work in 300 dpi (tif/pdf/eps). Your image will then printed and fixed on a lightweight foam board. I will cover all of the costs. The maximum space for your artwork is around 24 cm x 28 cm. Here you can move freely. 

If you want to show an original, a sculpture or make an installation, this is also possible. Please make a note in that case and we talk about it. The MUSEUM EXPRESS is initially a temporary project for autumn 2021. 

The different exhibitions will go on for 1 or 2 days. People can request the ongoing exhibition by direct message (instagram) or they can visit the announced locations in Düsseldorf.

Send your work to: