Passport Hacker (2021)

In February 2021 I received a letter from the German registration office that my passport photo had expired and must be renewed after ten years. When I went to a photo booth to take a new picture, I was faced with a bunch of rules. These rules are strict and have to meet different requirements:

Look straight ahead / No closed eyes / No smile / No hat / No hair on the face / No glasses

The machine gives direct feedback as to whether the required rules have been met. My idea was to outsmart the system with obvious rule bans, that still aren’t forbidden particularly. After numerous visits to the photo booth, I finally submitted one of the ideas to the office and it actually worked out. 

Scroll down to see which one was chosen ...

The Black Eye

The Elf

The Smile (painted birthmarks)

The Shower

The Laundry Guide

The Band Aid

The Fly

The Paper Eyes

The Lollipop

The Bleeding Nose

The Beauty Mask

The Bird

The Suncream

The Orange

The Half Beard

The Bolognese

The Inflatable Head

The Mask

I submitted The Half Beard to the office and this is the final result.